Industrial Lighting In Our Homes?

Industrial lighting isn’t far different than household lighting, some of you may think that industrial lighting is something completely different to household lighting because usually anything that is industry standard is usually very large and powerful but the technology used in most modern industrial lighting is very diverse and is also used in our homes too.

This new technology involves takes place in a process much more convenient than any other lighting, This lighting is called induction lighting. Induction lighting doesn’t produce light the same way a halogen light produces light or a standard lightbulb. An induction light uses a reaction between metals and elements to create a light that is very pure, bright white. This light is not only natural, it is energy efficient too.


Induction lighting is often used in industrial sites due to how powerful they are. By powerful, I do not mean they are that strong they will blind you! But the light can travel extreme distances allowing you to have a perfectly lit area or room.

Induction lighting for homes is slightly different, you cannot install the industry standard induction lighting in your home so do not try it! The home variety is de powered and the range is slightly reduced for more ideal lighting conditions for your home.

There are a whole new range of lighting available on the market today. But choosing the right one can be difficult. In order to make sure you purchase the right one for yourself is by doing some research. To find out more about different styles of lighting please visit this link below.

In Need of a Drainage Specialist

I was after a drainage specialists to install a new professional underground drainage for my front garden.

I love to maintain my front garden and I think it is very important that it is well maintained too because it is the very first thing you will see when you walk by or come over to someone’s house for a visit.

I was after a specialist who would provide me with a drianage system that will allow the water to drain efficiently from my property with out any water build up or waterlogging on my lawn or any other areas. I also wanted the drainage system to have an automatic feed control for my plants and lawn. This would be ideal to maintain a healthy lawn and plants that my font garden has.

I looked online and I saw some great solution that would be ideal to suit me. Below is a picture of one of the ideas that I thought would be ideal for me.

SampleDrainageSystemsAs you can see from the diagram above, it has everything that I expect in a drainage system.  What makes this diagram a perfect example is because my homes layout is very similar to this.

I am going to continue looking online for more information on if it is possible for me to install this on my front garden and who I could go to, to fit this in. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to post a comment below and help me out! Thanks.


My Experience With My New Paper Shredder

I have bought a paper shredder recently and i thought it would be a good idea if I share my experience with this paper shredder and also do a brief review on the specifications of this paper shredder and where you can buy this particular one or one like it.

Aurora shredder

The shredder that I bought and will be doing a review on is the Aurora AS1018CD Cross Cut Shredder. My first impression was that the shredder was at a great price, and was very affordable for what the shredder was capable of. The shredder can shred up to 10 sheets at a time and I think 20 litre waste bin it can even destroys CD’s & credit cards! This was amazing I didn’t expect it to do that for this price. It has a handy integrated carry handle because it is quite heavy this makes it easier to carry. What I also liked is that you can see how much is inside the waste bin too. I bought my paper shredder from Shreddy GoGo, they have a large variety of paper shredders available.

My Discovery To Save Water and Money

I have discovered one of the most convenient ways to save money and water and I am writing this post to share it with you so you can also benefit just as I am and help the environment too.


First of all the problem I was having was that I wanted to save the amount of water I was using to keep my garden looking at it’s best at all times and this takes up a lot of water. The reason why i wanted to cut down on my water usage it because it is costing me a lot of money and I don’t like to waste water. I found out that the best way to monitor water usage efficiently isn’t by just trying to judge how much water you are using by memory as this is never accurate and it can also be tough. The best way I found to monitor my exact water usage and cut down on my water usage was to purchase a water tank. Water tanks are ideal for this purpose.

Learn More About Underfloor Heating

Are you interested in learning more about underfloor heating? If you are then this post will be ideal for you. What I will be covering in todays post is a brief summary of underfloor heating along with some positives and negatives of this new heating system.

First of all, underfloor heating is a new and improved way to heat up your homes. The heating system consists of heated rods that are placed beneath your flooring. The rods provide you with heated floors and rooms.

underfloor heating mats

Seeing as no one likes to hear the bad news first, I am going to go with it anyway.  Underfloor heating runs on low temperatures, takes a while to warm up and it requires the floor to be raised in order to fit it in and only really practical for those who are having rebuilding work done.

Here are some of the positives of underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is ideal for warming up your floor, you will benefit from equal heat distribution, it has low running costs, it is out of the way and it doesn’t require maintenance.

Such a Good Place For Jewellery

I cant believe how good this place is for jewellery! I live about 20 mins drive away from this place and I can’t believe I haven’t been there ever before until recently I decided to pay this place a visit. I know I have a few of you who are slightly curious as to what this place is and where this place is and why it is so good. If you are , then great because that is what I am about to explain.

birmingham jewellery quarter

I have lived next to the jewellery quarter Birmingham for many years. 25 years to be exact I have been brought up in Birmingham and I have always known that the jewellery quarter is a place that is known to sell a lot of fine jewellery but I have never been there until now. I never seen the need to go the jewellery quarter because I never seen the need to go to this place because I don’t wear jewellery. When I got there I noticed first of all that there were a lot of jewellers and all of those jewellers had their own special jewellery. The place was just fantastic for jewellery shopping because it is so convenient. Everything is really easy to compare and the quality of the jewellery is simply amazing.

Games Room Idea

I was speaking to my friend about having a loft conversion done and wether or not he thinks it is a good idea or not for me to get my loft converted. We had a good long chat about the possibilities it can open if I did convert the loft and the sort of things we could include inside my loft and I was pretty much convinced that I wanted to get my loft converted.


We discussed ideas like converting it into a bedroom as that is the most common one, turning it into a room to relax in and turning it into a games room. Turning it into a games room was one of the ideas that really struck me. I thought it would be amazing to have a games room in my home! I have always wanted a games room in my home since I was a child and now I can fulfil this with a loft conversion. We did a bit of research on how practical a loft conversions is and if it is ok for converting and so far so good.

Take Care of Your Back

When it comes to supporting your back and making sure it stays in good health, you should always follow safety regulations. Certain safety regulations such as when lifting heavy objects you should bend your knees and not try to carry anything you don not feel comfortable with carrying. It is very important you take care of your back because your spine is a very delicate  part of your body when it comes to being accident prone.


Your spine is one of the part of your body that cannot cope with injury well. If you injure your spine it can cause extreme pain and it can also lead to a lot of other troubles that involve movement. In some cases serious injury can even cause paralysation. This is why if you are having chronic back pain then you should get it checked out as soon as you can. I know from experience as I am currently receiving treatment for my spinal pain. I am currently visiting chiropractors in Birmingham to receive regular treatment until the problem is completely gone.

A Shredder For Our Office

I recently purchased a paper shredder for our office. At first this seemed like a pretty pointless thing to buy and it is in a way but really, it isn’t. You might be thinking well, why would I need a shredder when I can just simply throw something in the bin or, it is just a waste of time and is not needed. If you are thinking a long the lines of that then  understand however, a paper shredder is much more than that.


What I have noticed while having a paper shredder in the office was the bins weren’t constantly getting full of scrunched up paper because the shredder would shred them into tiny pieces. thus taking up less space. This isn’t the only thing the paper shredder is good for either. The shredder also is perfect for shredding important documents you do not want others to see. Because the shredder shreds paperwork into tiny pieces, it is virtually impossible to read or piece together a document. The paper shredder is perfect for our office and I am so glad I bought it.

Looking Back Before Marriage

I was on a hunt for platinum weddings rings. Yes, if you are thinking what I am thinking then you are on the right track as of why I was searching for them.  I was searching for platinum wedding rings because I was getting married! After all these years hoping our relationship will stay string and predicting our future together, we have finally decided it is time to tie the knot!

engagement ring

We couldn’t be more happier with this decision we have made together. It is a choice that will stay with us for the rest of our lives but it will a good one. I was searching for platinum wedding rings because I know platinum rings are the best of their category because of how shiny and pure platinum is. I wanted the ring to be very special because she is a very special woman to me, this is why I wanted to buy her only the best ring I could afford. I did find the perfect ring and she fell in love with it! We have been married now for 2 weeks and I am looking forward to the future.

Improve Your Learning And Focus Whilst Driving

If you are struggling to pass your driving test or learning how to drive in general then this post is perfect for you. What I will be covering in todays post is some way in which you can improve yourself so you can learn faster and tips on how to pass your driving test too if you are struggling.

passed driving

Driving can be difficult for some people and for most people driving isn’t hard at all. Driving is something that gets better with practice just like everything. No matter how bad you are or may be at driving you can always improve yourself. Some ways on which you can learn faster is by learning the way you like to learn, learning at your own pace and by having regular driving lessons.  When it come to passing your driving test it is all about being slow and steady and most importantly by staying calm. You have to make sure you have ultimate concentration. I passed my driving test with driving schools Birmingham.

Perfect Hand Crafted Jeweller

I found the perfect hand crafted jewellery I was looking for and it wasn’t to far to travel to either. I was looking for fine hand crafted jewellery because I really like the hard work that goes into this type of jewellery and I admire the craftsmanship and how unique each piece of jewellery is.

bespoke ring

I couldn’t believe that such a fine jeweller was so close to my house and I didn’t even know about it. you may be wondering what the jeweller is called right now and I will tell you. The perfect jeweller that I found is called Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. They have been round for generations and they are still using the same techniques that have been passed down through the family. They are hand crafted bespoke jewellers. Every piece of jewellery is created by them and there is no middle man either. What I love the most about Hamlingtons is that they produce each piece of jewellery to match your particular style so you will always have that perfect piece of jewellery.

Buying a Car Is Never Easy

After spending hours a day searching for a new car to replace my horrible old, I finally found one! I spent hours a day searching online for used car dealers staffordshire and I genuinely got no luck in terms of the car I was after and the specs I was looking for. I also went to visit local dealers in hope to find the exact car, hoping that the dealer might have it and the website hasn’t been updated yet. The car I was after and the one I finally ended up buying is the BMW 1 series.


I did find the exact car I was after but it did take a lot of time. One of the main reasons why it took me so long was because I wasn’t willing to travel far to pick it up. I wanted the car to be local so it is easier and I also was very fussy. The car dealer I bought it from is called Cars 2 You. They have a huge range of used cars that vary from standard cars to even rare sports cars.

Replacing my very old heating

I was after a new heating system for my home since the one I have currently installed in my home , it is the old central heating system that has been in my home since I got it 12 years ago, doesn’t seem to be working as good as it suppose to. The heating system is very old and requires a lot of time to heat up and spread the heat efficiently. This not only costs me time, but it costs me a lot of money too.

underfloor heating mats

For this reason I decided to route for a whole new approach to heating up your entire room and for ultimate comfort levels. This new approach to heating is called underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is an amazing heating system that works beneath your flooring providing you with warm floors and warm rooms too. Underfloor heating is completely hidden and out of the way so you don’t even realise it is there. Underfloor heating also saves me a lot of money due to it’s low running costs and there is no maintenance required.

My process for stretching ears

What I am writing about today is the process of which I used to stretch my ears. Just as a note to anyone who is following this or thinking about following this guide. This guide or process is only related to what I used to stretch my ears, it isn’t advised you follow the same process I did just because the way I have done stretched my ears doesn’t follow the correct way. If you are looking to stretch your ears it is important you follow a proper guide. Follow my guide at your own risk.


First of all I started to stretch a normal piercing size and I used an ear stretching kit to increase my size (steel tapers).

I made sure the ear was clean before I started the stretching process then I used the smallest taper to ease the stretch. I used bio oil to help ease the stretch in.

Once the taper was fully in my ear I pushed in a suitable size plug. The ear plug is a piece of jewellery you wear to help the ear heal properly

Then I kept it clean and bacteria free and that is it. I have a stretched ear. This is the process I i continue to increase the size.

Small business high profits

I went to visit a good friend of mine who owns a small but highly profitable business. I thought I would go an pop down to see as I was in the area anyway and check up on his business and just to generally catch up really. He owns a small watch repairs business and has always been very interested in watches and the mechanics of watches this what lead him into opening up a business to repair them.

promotional pens

When I arrived at his workplace he was very surprised and also very happy to see me. He was very busy as usual and thats what makes him successful. His shop isn’t particularly large and it also doesn’t cost that much to run I remember him telling me. He showed me some of his business cards that he had made and I honestly really liked them, they were very modern and clean. He also showed me his new promotional pens he had made to go with them.

Luxurious Hand Crafted Jewellery

I have a fair bit of money saved up now and I am looking to buy a luxurious piece of fine hand crafted jewellery. I know that these kind of jewellers are very rare and can be tedious to locate one near you but it it is exactly what I am after so I will make the effort to try and find a jeweller like this.

bespoke ring

I first started off asking my friends if they know of a jeweller who would be able to provide me with such jewellery but I had no luck. I decided to take it upon my own hands to try and find a jeweller online. I searched online for fine hand crafted jewellery. Within a few minutes I had came across a jeweller called Hamlingtons. Hamlingtons are fine jewellers and have been around for 4 generations. They have been providing bespoke jewellery for many years and are continuing their success. I was very interested after looking a their about page I even found out that they create the jewellery themselves and they have a jeweller near me too.

Move Like a Celeb in the Hummer Limo!

We all want that celebrity image, and when you’re cruising round in a limousine there isn’t a person who’s head isn’t turning to look at you. Your Limo Hire have a huge fleet a limousines including the prestigious Hummer in both white and black, the standard stretch limousines and some more crazy vehicles such as an Audi Q7 and Range Rover.

It’s prom time at the moment and arriving in a limousine is the pinnacle of the night when you pull up and leave all of your friends speechless. If you’re looking for limousine hire Essex then look no further than, the one stop solution to getting the best price and service on a limousine this summer.

Their website is fantastic, easy to use and displays the fantastic YLH fleet on offer, along with prices and availability calendar – booking a limousine with them is a breeze.

I would definitely use them again and I will be recommending them to anyone who asks me about a limo hire company in the future, one word to sum it all up, AMAZING!

My Mate Passed!

I was speaking to my friend the other day on how he feels now that he is driving. If you guys are wondering why I asked him this if you haven’t already gathered is because he passed is driving a few days ago so I popped over to his house to have a look at his new car and hopefully get a ride in it. He told me he is enjoying a lot so far and he loves how convenient it is. He said that the best part if driving is knowing that you are in control and not someone else. You do not have to rely on a bus where it may pr may not be late and you don’t have to call expensive taxis or have to walk anywhere, it is just perfect.

passed driving

I was so interested in what driving actually feels like because I can almost drive, I am currently taking driving lessons with driving schools Birmingham. hopefully I can pass soon and we will both be on the road together some time in the near future.

Don’t Waste Water And Save

I When it comes to saving money on water bills I know a lot of you have tried  many different techniques that are both traditional and modern techniques to cut down the water bill and save money. A lot of these ways are either useless or very inconvenient. What I will be writing about in todays post is a brand new way in which you can save money on your water bills whilst being able to be in full control of your water supply and not having to struggle with guessing the amount of water you are using.


This new and efficient way to save money on water bills is by purchasing a water tank. Water tanks are a large storage container than you can store water in whilst being able to place it wherever you like on your property. You can also monitor your water usage properly with a water tank and most importantly you save money. The way you save money with a water tank is that you are able to se the exact amount of water you are using making you cut down your usage. It is recommended to use a large water tank, large water tanks are able to store more water making them more convenient. The less water you use the more money you save!

My office setup!

I decided I wanted to work on my home office setup. I work as a graphic designer and the job that I do consists of outside work and working from my home. The only reason why I get this type of freedom is because all I have to do is design in a sense so I can work from home and go to work as well for better advice and opinions. With my work, I only get paid once I finish. At work I have a lot of resources which can make my designing a lot easier at home I do not but I can work on other things as well as the graphics.


The current layout of my home office is very simple I have 2 monitors, printer, papers, paper shredder, pens and a bin also a min fridge might as well add that in too! One of the most useful things I bought was the paper shredder because  it is so fun and an easier way to dispose paper when it is in its shredded form. I am so happy I bought my paper shredder!

Replacing My Drianage Pipe

I have a land drainage pipe that leads into my back garden. You might be wondering why I am telling you this, this is okay there is a clue in the title but I am going to explain anyway. The reason why this land drainage pipe leads into my back garden is because it controls the run off of waste water that leaves my sink and dishwasher. This pipe then leads the water into the drain which leads into the sewers etc.


The main reason why I am talking about this land drainage pipe is because I have a dog and recently he chewed up the whole piping and had managed to have torn it off. now all the dirty water leaks all over my garden so I had to call a drainage specialist to have a look at the problem and replace the piping I need in order for it to work again, Luckily for me he had a replacement pipe in his van and he installed it the same day which was ideal for me.

I was after a hot tub

I was after a hot tub but I wasn’t ready to pay a lot of money for one. I know this is a lot to ask for when buying a hot tub because they are very expensive and you can hardly ever purchase a hot tub for a really cheap price and I was prepared for that however I wasn’t prepared to spend a few thousand pounds.

hot tubs

I did a little online shop to see wether I could find hot tubs for sale near me and how much the price of the hot tubs would be. After not to long of searching i did come across sutton spas. Sutton spas is a website that offers luxury spa equipment for little costs. This was very interesting so I continued looking through their website. I found a hot tub I liked a lot actually and the price was £1,500. That is a lot of money to pay for a hot tub and is slightly over my budget that I was willing to pay for it but I quickly realised that it was the best I was going to get.

Reach Out To a Bigger Audience

If you are looking to promote yourself there are so many ways you can achieve this . I am going to be writing about effective ways you can promote yourself and benefit in doing so. If you are looking to reach out to a bigger audience then I suggest you take serious consideration in way to promote yourself some of which can be found below.

Through a website, if you are looking to attract a lot of audience then the internet is the best place to do it. Having a website will guide users who are looking for your services and then be able to locate them on your website and then find your contact details and enquire if they are interested.

Printed pens. Printed pens are ideal as you can choose whatever print you would like this can be your contact details and a company logo for instance. They are increasingly good because pens are practical and there is always a item you will need a pen. Printed pens can be an alternative to business cards.

promotional pen

Water Tank On My Property

I recently had a water tank installed on my property and I am benefiting from it a lot. Right now you may be wondering why I had a water tank installed on my property and how I have been benefiting from water tanks. If you are, please continue reading as I will be covering those points.


The reason why I why I had a water tank installed on my property is because with a water tank I am able to store large amounts of water which I can then use for my gardening. I like to maintain my garden, it is one of my most favourite hobbies. Maintaining my garden makes me use a lot of water and using a lot of water causes my water bills to be very high. The solution to this problem was to install a water tank so I can monitor my water usage and be able to save a lot of money without having to guess how much I am using. The water tank is ideal for me and I recommend it to anyone.

Sky High Water Bills?

Are sky high water bills starting to drain your money and stressing you out? If this is the case then you seriously need to consider managing your water usage so prevent yourself from wasting water.

There are many ways you can prevent the overuse of water and some of which can get very tedious and can seem more of an inconvenience than a benefit this is the reason why you should install a rainwater harvesting system on your property.

Why a rainwater harvesting system? You may be wondering, because they are the best and most efficient way to save money on water bills. Rainwater harvesting is making use of run off rainwater by collecting it from your rooftops, filtering it and storing it for usage. This is ideal to save you money because rain is free! This is a lot cheaper than having water that has been treated by man then pumped into your homes. With rainwater harvesting you only have to pay a one of bill then its virtually free from there on.

The whole process of rainwater harvesting is shown below.



Found The Car I Want

After a long time trying to find a new car I have finally found one that I love. The car I have now is the Vauxhall Astra in black, it is the perfect car for me, not only does it look good and go fast it also had great space and has a lot of boot space too which is ideal for shopping and transporting stuff. I bought my new car from a car dealer in Lichfield.

for sale car

I found this car dealer through the internet by searching for used car dealers lichfield in a search engine called google. This was great for me as it located many used car dealers. I haven’t been looking for cars much so I didn’t really know where to look really and I only knew of 3 used car dealers in lichfield. This helped me locate a lot more. What was better about looking online was that I could see what cars were available in each dealer so I didn’t have to waste time travelling there and realising they don’t have the car I’m looking for.

The Place For Jewellery

If you are in need of jewellery there is one place that may be ideal for you. If you are wondering what this place is and why on Earth I only got to this place to buy my jewellery, do not be worried I going to explain why, the place I always got to buy jewellery is Birmingham jewellery quarter. This place is the only place I go because it is so convenient and is the perfect place to buy fine jewellery.

seo leamington spa

The jewellery quarter Birmingham is like the Bullring for jewellery with so many jewellers that are in close proximity with one  another, this gives you the perfect chance to do a good shop around before you make a decision. The variety of jewellery that can be found in this place is simply amazing. I had recent visit to the jewellery quarter to have a look at and possibly buy a silver bracelet. I managed to find a perfect bracelet very quickly considering the amount of jewellers I went to to compare prices and styles.

About To Purchase My Ring

I have been wanting to visit the jewellery quarter for quite some time now. I have been after a diamond ring and I know that the jewellery quarter is probably the best place for me to go to find the is ring. I have been doing some searching online for diamond wedding rings and I haven’t found anything in particular I really like but I am sure I would find a ring I would like.

engagement ring

The reason why I want to go to the jewellery quarter is because there are so many jewellers in one are which makes it ideal to shop around and compare and not just buy the first one I see because I can’t be bothered to travel. Another good thing about going to the jewellery quarter is that the jewellery is available to see in front of you and it isn’t on a computer screen so you can truly tell weather you like it or not. I am thinking about visiting the jewellery quarter this weekend and diamond rings jewellery quarter are very popular so I will probably end up purchasing one very soon.

Waterlogging On My Farm

I am a proud farm owner. I have been farming for many years and my father was a farmer too and passed on this farm to me to continue for him. This farm has been through 3 generations so I am honoured to be able to say that this farm is still stronger than ever. I have a few cattle and sheep on my farm and some chickens.

As you already know the farm has ben through many family generations so there probably isn’t going to be any problems with the land however, there was. Due to the heavy rain we had this season I started to notice that the land seemed to be waterlogged at some parts and this started to concern me so I got some professional advice. They said I required some land drainage to allow the water to be drained form me land so it doesn’t pile up and destroy it. They said I would need a few drainage pipe and a twin wall pipe installed, they also said they will have to dig down to install it and if I am still happy with this decision then they will come next week.

I Recently Passed!

I recently passed my driving test! I was so surprised that I passed even though I knew I could drive I just didn’t expect to pass at all. It’s just amazing being able to drive, you get so much more freedom when you are able to drive to wherever it is you want to go. You have quick and easy access when ever you like to just pick up the keys and drive. I didn’t even have to worry about shopping. I can go shopping buy as much as I want and just pop it in the car. I love my car so much it is so ideal for everyday life I don’t even know how anyone can live without it.

passed driving

I have only been driving for 2 weeks and I already have made use from learning. I was very nervous the first few days but you get over it and it’s all good from there onwards. I currently drive a Volkswagen Golf, it is silver in colour and is in very good condition. I am very happy with this car, it’s a great first car. I passed my test using driving schools Birmingham.

Common Infestations You May Find

One of the most common infestations you may find in your home are house flies. House flies like to sit on garbage, food, walls and fly around lights and ceilings. They are often inactive in the evening and will usually rest on walls and surfaces.

The nature of these house flies is what makes it important you deal with them if they enter your home. They usually enter your home through open windows and doors. House flies tend to sit on excrement, rubbish and over dirty environments which they then can transfer to our food and cause us to fall ill or even worse, transfer some sort of deadly disease.


A good way to remove this flies is to remove all garbage from inside your home, do not leave food out and have a fly killing light, you may also use sprays too. If the infestations is beyond control you can also call pest control for example pest control sutton coldfield. I used them before to deal with my ant problem.


Push In Our Relationship

After 1 year in high school, 2 solid years after and 1 stressful but fun move and a year and continuing we have finally decided to make one of our biggest decisions together. What’s the biggest decisions you may be wondering? Well I am about to tell you, we are finally getting engaged! We have been through so much together and always like to decide things together too and this is one of the biggest choices we have made.

engagement ring

We feel like we are ready to push the relationship that little bit further just because we have been together for a long time and we have been through a lot together so we truly understand each other and feel comfortable with each other, having that said, I went to buy my engagement rings jewellery quarter. Why I went to visit the jewellery quarter for my engagement ring was because they offer the best possible jewellery and all the fine jewellers are local which makes it ideal to compare prices and styles etc. I found a diamond engagement ring and I loved and so did she!

Creating My Front Garden

I decided I want to have my front garden done finally. The reason why I wanted it done was because I have always loved looking at peoples front garden when I was in a car or walking and admiring the beauty of nature itself. Now that I am a lot older than what I use to be and earn more than enough money to create a beautiful front garden I have started to look into it a lot more. I have been searching online for landscapers who can help me achieve a modern yet natural look to my front garden.


I am a fussy guy and I work as a graphic designer so to me design is key as always. As a designer I always go by the words ‘simplicity is key’ I do not like gardens where they have a border full of random flowers and then a few ornaments in the middle as I just think its looks unorganised. I just wants to have a water feature  but I know that is going to require some land drainage. I am still deciding yet but I will keep you posted.

My Friends Loft Project

I popped over to my good friends house recently who was thinking about loft conversions and was also thinking getting one done in his home. I have always loved loft conversions. I always thought they just looked amazing. We had a little discussion on how he would want it to look like, what he would want inside the room and how much it might cost. We discussed further about how long it would take to build, if he could be bothered to go through with it and all the other great things. We let our imagination go wild.



After the discussion we both agreed that the best thing we could do is to turn it into a games room. This was always a childhood dream of mine and fortunately it was my friends too. We had a look at some of the things that were available for us to fit in without taking up too much space. We decided to add a pool table ( the one from downstairs), add a table football game and a sofa bed just incase. He still deciding yet on when to get it done.

The New Heating System

Underfloor heating is a new way to heat up your home. How underfloor heating works is by rods that are placed evenly beneath your flooring that are heated if via the electrical mains providing heat. This heat will then allow you to have warm floors as well as warm rooms.

underfloor heating mats

The reason why underfloor heating is so good is because it has very low running costs while providing equal heat distribution. Other benefits from underfloor heating include. It is safe (no sharp corners or hot surfaces you can easily get in contact with), Free up more space for interior design, you can save up to 33% on monthly heating bills, underfloor heating doesn’t require maintenance and underfloor heating has the correct heat profile for ultimate comfort.

I have had underfloor heating installed recently and I am very pleased with how efficient the heating system is. I have had it installed for around 6 months now and there nothing quite like the comfort of warm floors in the winter. One other thing I really like is that there isn’t any cold spots in my rooms unlike radiators.

Passed Everything

After finishing I finally finished college I thought it would be an ideal time to start learning how to drive. At the time I had to catch buses regularly to college, buses are very unreliable we all know that. As much as they are a convenience they are a lot cheaper than calling a taxi so I spent most of my time on buses. While studying I was working at a restaurant, it was only a part time job but I managed to save up enough money for lessons.

Cartoon Car

I managed to find some free time and take driving lesson whenever I wasn’t woking or jsut having fun. I was a little concerned about starting to drive. I had a few issues about driving itself, but my friends are driving and I did’t want to be the one who’s left out plus it’s a more reliable and much quicker form of travel. I found a driving instructor based in a driving school in Birmingham. He gave me great tips and was very nice guy I could relate with, he helped me learn the way I wanted to be learnt and guided me throughout. I eventually passed my driving! Now I can proudly say I am on the road!

Repairing My Mothers Stairlift

I recently received a phone call from my mother , she was 72 years old and struggles to walk. She rang me panicked saying that her stair lift isn’t working and she needs it working. I was very worried she was going to hurt herself so I drove over to her as soon as I could to see if i could fix it, but I couldn’t. I decided to call a a guy who does stair lift repairs. The guy came straight away, he was very friendly and fixed the problem almost instantly. He said the rail was jammed by a part that was damaged, and that I would be required to purchase a new part from him so h can install it.


I was very pleased with his honesty and service so I will definitely keep his contact so I can call him for stairlift servicing. My mother can now use her stairlift again and hopefully we won’t run into anymore problems.

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